Nigel Paul Miller understands the power of emotional support, motivational encouragement, and objective guidance. Empowerment is a passion close to Nigel’s heart. So much so that many clients have said they have felt empowered on the deepest levels like never before as soon as they began working with him. 

Nigel struggled with depression and anxiety in his early 20’s and mastered himself and his psychology through the power of personal introspection. He now leverages the knowledge obtained throughout those years along with his rigourous study of psychology, emotional intelligence, personal development and spirituality to empower people from all walks of life to breakthrough to the next level of greatness and fulfillment in their lives.

Nigel is acutely aware that no matter what level you’re at in life, there is always another level of mastery to rise up to if you so choose.

He is the author of the book “How to Remove Negative Beliefs and Free Your Mind” and the host of the mind expanding, thought provoking podcast “Journey Within”

Passionate about empowering people to think beneficially by utilising the power of spiritual wisdom coupled with objective critical thinking, Nigel’s marketing approach is purposefully unorthidox, in that he is not seeking to market a specific perfectualised image of himself, but more so he wishes to be an example to the fact that human beings are not perfect and are the full spectrum potential of all the behaviours and emotions they tend to experience.


Nigel’s 3 Core Values are:

1. Spreading Positive Energy

2. Encouraging Emotional Intelligence

3. Promoting Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Empowerment